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What is Xoom? Understand how it works


Sending and receiving money from one country to another is not a dense task anymore, thanks to online money transfer services. A while ago, your only options were money orders, post offices, and traditional banks with extra fees besides conversion rates. Now, Xoom is one of the digital platforms willing to do the job — easy and fast — by connecting friends and family members worldwide. 

The amount you can send through Xoom follows a few rules, such as where you live, how the money is received, and the partner limits. The last applies to bank accounts, cash pick-up locations, and home delivery services. This article will cover the basics about the — advantages and disadvantages, how it works, and if the option is safe for international transfers. Are you ready to learn more? So keep reading until the end!

So what is Xoom?

Xoom is a money transfer service offered by PayPal for online transactions within the United States and abroad. With the app or browsing the website, you can send funds through a recipient’s bank account, cash pick-up locations, or home delivery. You can also pay international bills of friends and family who live abroad or reload a prepaid mobile phone — without leaving your smartphone, tablet, or computer. 

Now to add funds to manage international transfers, you can use a bank account, your PayPal balance, a credit card, or a debit card. Xoom from PayPal currently reaches more than 160 destinations worldwide, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Japan, South Korea, and the UK.

The fees to send money to another country vary, and so does the transfer amount. Not only does the place where you live affect the numbers, but other factors impact too, such as the destination country, different currencies, and the delivery method. Each partner — bank, pick-up locations, or home delivery — has its own restrictions. Besides, don’t forget to check the operating hours, payout limits, and other relevant details.


The price for money transfer services is always relative. So it’s better to assess the cost-benefit before you choose any of them. Keep it in mind while researching your choices. Xoom can be more or less expensive when compared to other digital platforms. Let’s see some advantages:

  • Transfers are fast, reaching their destination within minutes;
  • Higher transfer limits, up to 50,000 USD per day, require additional personal information. Only verified accounts can do this, adding an extra layer of protection;
  • Both the app and website are user-friendly. You can see a lot of information — destinations available, delivery options, and a Fee Calculator — before logging in;
  • Help Center and multilingual (English, Spanish, Filipino, French, Italian, German, and Arabic by phone and Chinese by email) customer support;
  • According to the website, Xoom uses data security encryption to protect users’ information and offers a money-back guarantee.


Safety might come with a high price. Xoom can request several additional proofs to confirm the data you provide, whether you are creating your account or raising the transfer amount. While the transactions are fast, this process can be lengthy. The disadvantages include the following:

  • Although the money reaches its destination fast, it happens most of the time. So some transfers may take a longer path — turning minutes into days — until they complete their cycle;
  • While the service offers robust multilanguage customer support, it lacks a live chat for more urgent matters;
  • Regarding the additional data to increase your transfer limit, you might be asked to show your Social Security Number (SSN), passport, driver’s license, and the list goes on;
  • Adding funds through a credit or debit card carries high fees that change from country to country, not to mention additional charges from the card issuer.

How does Xoom work? 

Xoom has partners across the globe to enable international money transfers. Besides the traditional bank accounts you probably know, the app includes cash pick-up locations and home delivery services. There is a Fee Calculator to simulate the total transfer price and the amount the recipient will receive.

To get started, download Xoom from the App Store or Google Play. You can also sign up through the website. Within the app, select the destination country and choose one of the three options available — send money, pay bills, or reload phones. If you enable notifications, Xoom will send automatic updates. Beyond this option, you can check the status of your transactions on the go anytime when accessing the “Activities” tab.

Is Xoom safe?

According to the security and privacy guidelines, Xoom adopts a 128-bit data security encryption to protect all personal information provided to use the service. Plus, the servers — physical and electronic — are covered by a firewall. They are not connected directly to the Internet and pass and undergo regular audits. 

Xoom is an option for faster transactions with friends and family, paying bills, and reloading prepaid phones. Companies might need extra options to deal with single payments or recurring batches of payments to their employees abroad. For this, Husky got you covered with a multi-currency account and online support anytime. 
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Eduardo Sena
Eduardo Sena Formado em Publicidade e Especialista em SEO, Eduardo é o responsável pela estratégia e produção de conteúdos da Nomad. Apaixonado por tecnologia e finanças, o seu objetivo é tornar a vida do Global Worker cada vez mais simples.