Eduardo Sena Formado em Publicidade e Especialista em SEO, Eduardo é o responsável pela estratégia e produção de conteúdos da Nomad. Apaixonado por tecnologia e finanças, o seu objetivo é tornar a vida do Global Worker cada vez mais simples.

5 tips to get more followers on Instagram

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Whether you want to get more followers on Instagram or engage with your current audience, spending hours at a stretch to plan and create content is part of your daily activities. Many times, for a brief moment, after you hit the button ‘share’, everything seems fine. You might feel confident and proud to share something great. However, only a few likes and one or other comment shows up.

This article will share 5 tips to help you grow your base, reach a wider audience, and win new followers. Get paper and a pen to take notes. Here we go!

1. Optimize your bio and make it compelling

Seems obvious? Well, it’s not since many profiles ignore this step and focus only on what they want to post. Before planning the content to share, make the most of those 150 characters. Your Instagram bio is your showcase. It tells everyone who you are, what you do, and what your potential followers can expect from your brand.

It should include a clear, straightforward, and compelling description of your business, using keywords to keep it searchable for new followers to find you. Remember, this is the only area on Instagram that allows you to add a clickable link. So use it wisely to reflect recent posts or direct visitors to your website. Consider a strong call to action — read more, contact us, shop, etc. — and a catchy hashtag linked to your brand.

2. Learn how the Instagram algorithm works

Any social media has its particular algorithms. Learning how to use the system in your favor will help guide your strategy to get more followers. For Instagram, six factors might be decisive to drive what type of content will appear on each person’s timeline: frequency, following, interest, relationship, timeliness, and usage.

Frequency represents how often a person uses this social media. Following involves the posts followed by this user. Interest refers to how much people will like content based on previous posts. Relationship consider engagement on a regular basis. Timeliness assesses how recent a post is. Usage is how much time a person spends on Instagram. All of them together aim to show the best content for each user.

3. Create content to engage with your audience

It’s good to know how the algorithms work, but this is where your focus should be — creating high-quality content to boost engagement. Find out what potential customers enjoy and what themes better resonate with them. Add relevant images to captivate their attention. Use an inviting call to action or ask questions to connect with your audience and encourage them to interact with you.

You can run tests to see what type of content performs better — develop a story to inspire, make your followers laugh with a meme, or teach something interesting. It depends on your brand voice. Another good way is brainstorming by watching what your competitors are doing. They can provide relevant insights to improve your strategy.

4. Keep an schedule and post consistently

One of the secrets to getting more followers on Instagram is sharing content consistently. It means you can’t (at least it’s not recommended) work without a schedule. It helps you on keeping track of the frequency of the posts. Adopting a regular flow gives your audience a reason for them to follow you and wait for updates.

Plus, if you achieve a good engagement, your posts will likely show near the top of your followers’ feeds. However, you should find the balance. It’s better not to post more often than necessary to avoid spam while delivering high-quality content to reach higher engagement rates. Don’t forget to test different days and hours to find the best time.

5. Analyze your results and make adjusts

Last but not least, analyzing everything above will bring insights to improve your marketing strategy constantly and make adjustments whenever needed. You can monitor what posts engage more and how effective a hashtag is for new followers or discover trends through metrics. You can also check different posting times and see how each one performed. The choice of metrics may vary according to the results you want to achieve.

All the tips we shared here will guide you to get more followers on Instagram. But it’s worth highlighting that it may take time. Each brand is unique. There is no magical equation to apply. The only way to find out how to be more engaging is by doing tests and seeing what goes best for you. Bio, algorithms, high-quality content, consistency, and metrics are only the beginning. The rest is up to you.

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Eduardo Sena
Eduardo Sena Formado em Publicidade e Especialista em SEO, Eduardo é o responsável pela estratégia e produção de conteúdos da Nomad. Apaixonado por tecnologia e finanças, o seu objetivo é tornar a vida do Global Worker cada vez mais simples.